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a word about volume, load and rest

according to my PT training notes, these are the official figures for goal driven workouts. depending on what goal you have, these should be more or less respected, as usual keeping in mind that what works for one person might not for the next.
these are merely guidelines, and need to be adapted in function of the person’s metabolism and genetic abilities.

i put in bold the areas that interest me, and to show that hypertrophy training is very different from strength training.


Goal Rep Range Set Range
Strength <6 3-4
Power 6-8 2-3
Endurance 12-15 2-3
Hypertrophy 6-12 4-5


Goal Rep Range Workload (%RM)
Strength <6 80-100%
Power 6-8 30-70%
Endurance >15 30-50%
Hypertrophy 6-12 70-90%

rest period:

Goal Rest Period Duration
Strength 4-6 minutes
Power 4-6 minutes
Endurance 30-60 seconds
Hypertrophy 1-2 minutes