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Gym routine

I’ve recently started going to the gym every lunch break. It makes working full time a lot more bearable. So I got Zaki to put together a short gym routine for me. My goal was (and still is) to work on my upper body strength as that is what I need most for my straps training. Zaki gave me five exercises working mostly my delts, lats and pecs. At this stage I’m only using the machines for the following exercises:
Shoulder press
Lateral raises
Chest press
Pull down (wide grip)
Seated row

To that I’ve added the arm extension, which works the triceps. Just for fun. As I’m working for strength I’m only doing 5 reps for 3 sets but I’m trying to go really heavy. My starting weights were:

Shoulder press 35
Lateral raises 17.5
Chest press 40
Pull down 50
Seated row 55
Arm extension 25

After a month on this routine, doing it most days apart from Christmas and New Years and not on weekends, I’ve made quite decent progress. Generally, it’s not recommended to train the same exercises every day but I ignored that. I did some other training namely handstands and straps training as well, sometimes on the same days and sometimes at the weekends. Today is the end of the first month and my weights were as follows:

Shoulder press 45
Lateral raises 27.5
Chest press 40
Pull down 80
Seated row 85
Arm extension 50

I find it most useful to look at the percentage increase from the starting weights to determine my progress. These are as follows:

Shoulder press 28%
Lateral raises 57%
Chest press 25%
Pull down 60%
Seated row 54%
Arm extension 100%

I’m really happy with most of those but the shoulder press and the chest press is lagging behind. The exercise might need tweaking a little to improve those areas.

back in the gym!

as i was able to go to a gym again for the day this weekend, it reminded me how unvaluable it is to have access to machines sometimes.

i am a big fan of free weights and a firm believer that it is all you need to build a buff body.
but then the gym adds a certain fun factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

first, you dont have to be as efficient w time, as you don’t need to accommodate for weights re-racking and moving bits of furniture around your lounge.
second, the various machines add a variety to a workout that is normally limited to whatever weight/dumbbell combos you have. (not to mention they can unleash your lifting potential, like a smith machine is unrivaled in terms of deadlifts and squats)
third, given my shoulder problems, i was able to do a couple of new exercises fairly safely as my form was enhanced by the structure of the machines.
fourth, well there is always the couple of odd individuals w bad hairstyles and grunting tendencies that make your trip worthwhile.

am hoping to make the gym trips a regular occurence.

the machines i particularly appreciated were the pec deck, the seated row machine and the assisted chin up/dip machine.

the pec deck has a terrible reputation for injuries because of the overstretching risk. now guys, come on, you can actually set it up for the return position to be comfortable! i just don’t get how anyone would get injured overstretching from that. and if you feel your pecs are about to rip, well perhaps it’s time to look at stretching them full stop! most big guys get really short pecs (i can’t talk mine are also real short from aerials), i guess since they shift a lot of plates it could potentially injure them on the return if the position is too far out.
but anyhow, this machine is priceless for me. it means i can work my rear delts very nicely, without fearing for my shoulder joints as much.

the seated row is also a very interesting machine i always enjoyed using. mostly because it’s hard to generate the same amount of tension without the machine itself. you can always try w elastic bands but it’s impossible to get the same weight without the machine i think.

as for the assisted chin machine, well no i don’t need it for normal chins. but if like me you’re working on one armed pulls, get on! it allows me to work w lifting 30kg on the one arm. and getting 25kg counter balanced. so instead of brutally working on negative pulls at home on the one arm, i can use that machine to improve my one armed strength whilst feeling like i am lifting up! very pleasant!

pics/vids to come soon!