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oomf! muesli and porridge…

as i was looking for chia seeds in an extremely expensive wholefood store in high st ken, i stumbled upon these products:

so heck i thought, i will pay a shitload of money to eat up some oats w a couple of mixed seeds and some whey powder added. obv i could make my own version for a fraction of the price but nevermind… let’s see:



muesli first:

contains jumbo oats, soya flakes (impossible to find anywhere in the UK somehow?), sunflower seeds, seedless raisins, chopped dates, organic (aha) corn flakes, blanched peanuts, organic sesame seeds, organic linseeds and shelled hemp seeds (various proportions, check pic below for details).

426 kcal

20g protein, 49.44g carbs (ouch not oomf), 17.90g fat, 9g of fibre and 0.012g of sodium.

so all in all, it tastes lovely, really nice. good amount of protein in it, but way too much carbs to my liking esp when mixed w a flavoured yoghurt. very healthy really. packet wont last you very long however, it’s only 500g.

porridge next:

ok so on a gloomy monday morning, you must remember when making breakfast number 2 to take to work that this is  porridge and thus requires microwaving or heating up. do not mix it w yoghurt as if it was muesli. it really doesn’t work well.

now this porridge has added whey powder in it, oats, chopped dates (again) and organic cocoa powder.

370 kcal

21.52g protein, 57.81g carbs (oh mama), 6.27g fat, 9.41g fibre and 0.022g sodium.

so once i have tried this properly, and with almond milk (they only recommend water or milk, i dread to think what happens w almond!)




what does it all mean for my body and how has it affected me? well pretty much not at all i dont think. it’s just nice to be able to have cereal again in a “healthy” (healthier?) manner.