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myprotein cookies!

Arnoldcat recently fed me a myprotein white choc almond flavoured cookie. what a surprise this was!
they’re extremely addictive. to the point where am wondering whether they put crack in them!

each 75g cookie consists of…

– 1342kJ
– 37.5g protein
– 19.5g carbs
– 9.9g fat
– 0.2g sodium

yes 37.5g of protein! in a cookie.
they are rather tasty, like marzipan in fact, somewhat the texture is like marzipan too. careful tho, they’re a bit of a handful and it takes a while to actually eat them!

however the major downside is the price. 12 cookies per box coming up at £16.49. that’s a whopping £1.37 per cookie. ouch. i guess am gonna have to start selling all my electronics to afford this new habit. oh wait i was already doing that.