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so as january rolled in and i was cruising nicely w training, along came a spider. in the form of a brutal cough virus.
after getting coughing fits which were so violent i’d practically pass out, i was told (by the doctor! not google!) that i had broken a rib, and that the whole area on the back/right hand side of my ribcage was really bruised due to crazy coughing.
tough. very tough. i was doped up on some morphine based cough mixture which would knock me out most of the day, and have no idea pretty much what happened for most of january it’s all a blur.
training was completely out of the question for the obvious reasons. at first it was just i couldn’t breathe, but then the pain hit suddenly (i know exactly when i damaged the rib, it was a thursday night! and so painful) and not only i couldn’t breathe, but i was also crippled. even getting out of bed hurt. sneezing was the worse thing next to death.

so now i think i am on the other side of that crap finally.

i am not 100% yet. i still get pain in my rib area. sneezing is still unpleasant. and that’s over a month after. i also lost about 5kg.
on the plus side, i am training again at almost full speed. slowly rebuilding the strength i lost. i am back to 64 pull/chin combined sessions with dips and push ups. and to practicing technique like flags, muscle ups, planches and even crucifix. but my old injuries are showing up again, like an inflamed wrist and biceps, as i guess i am pushing harder than ever.
nevertheless, nothing can stop this buffness train so with the help of modified moves and wrist guards/compression sleeves, we will make it. the rib is almost not bothering me much anymore. i can feel the lats are protecting the area alongside the bruised intercostals.
my back is a little painful as i was unable to stretch it fully for so long. so now to get the area between my shoulder blades released will take ages as the whole thing stiffened to the max to protect the damaged rib.
the road will be long and i am having to hack my nutrition again to make sure i don’t lose even more weight due to intense training.
until recently i was taking arnold’s iron mass by muscle pharm. slightly annoyed that they don’t really mentioned the amounts they use for stuff like creatine and all, but that’s fine because it worked well despite a sickly sweet taste. but lately, something strange had started to go on. i had this constant sweet taste in my mouth. like from first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to the moment i fell asleep. at first i didn’t think much of it. but then it started annoying me. so i looked it up. google mentioned cancer, diabetes… etc
after days i saw a post on a body building forum. someone complaining of the same thing. turns out that sucralose can do that (and other sweeteners). guess what muscle pharm use. yup.
so i stopped. and after a week or so, the weird taste went away.
unlucky, now am left w no supplement as i refuse to take this shit, god knows what it does to my insides.
so i resorted to making my own mix. am still waiting to receive my order from atm, but i ordered whey protein and some oat powder. no flavours for either, as any type of flavour involves sweeteners.
atm a friend lent me their “macro:meal” mix which is in effect a meal replacement:

Unflavoured: Carbohydrate Blend (38%) (Ground Oats, Aktivated*®* Barley Starch Powder), Protein Blend (34%) (Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Milk Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate (Milk), Egg White Powder), Flaxseed Powder (Cold Milled) (6%), Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 19.02.40

apart from its gritty texture (which i think might be due to the barley powder), it’s not too bad provided that you use a blender of sorts. i mix it w whipping cream, full fat milk, coconut oil, almond or peanut butter and chocolate powder. not sure how many calories it adds, but am pretty sure i wouldn’t advise it for someone trying to slim down put it that way.

muscle nutrition

what a lovely surprise this morning to wake up to a delivery from

as soon as i get back from my holidays in Japan the training / nutrition will start properly. the parcel consists of:

for a while i tried out the LOMAD diet, as mentioned in Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour body book:

this seemed to do the trick. particularly when starting the day with a “special shake”:
– 500ml semi skimmed milk (i use cravendale to avoid stomach upsets)
– 1 banana
– 3 teaspoons almond butter (more than that and you die i think)
– 40g hard gainer MP powder
– 3.5g creapure

stick all in blender and press play.
throughout the rest of the day i would add another 500ml of milk (minimum) in between meals.

i find persistence and consistency were the key elements in a steady weight increase. i.e. if you’re gonna do this, do it properly and do not miss a meal. especially not breakfast, which i would try to have at about 11am (the 9am shake would stop me from being hungry til about then). lunch at 2pm, a snack at 4.30pm and dinner at about 7pm (almost certainly followed by yet another snack before bedtime, or more milk).

i find the hard gainer protein powder to be an interesting mix of qualities:

Per 80g:
Energy: 304kcal
Energy: 1272kj
Protein: 23.5g
Carbohydrates: 49g
Fat: 1.2g

this mixed together w milk and almond butter becomes quite a good combo from the protein and energy perspective. (even tho i only use 40g in my shake, my current body weight is short of 60kg, i do not need THAT MUCH protein in a day)

my body seems to respond well to creatine, particularly in the sense of strength and stamina increases. though i seem to get a great pump from it too 😀

atm am working a little without it, but there is no point starting a loading phase when i am about to go to Japan for 10 days monday. i find it harder to work without my shakes and creatine.