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Generation Iron

new film coming out!

i am very curious to see this film.
i don’t dig body builder’s bodies. i find it’s too much personally. so no, i do not wanna look like them thanks!

but one thing i will give this guys, it’s the amazing dedication and hard work that goes into achieving their goals.
day in, day out, these guys go to the gym. they spend their lives working out, regulating their diets, cleverly arranging their workouts for maximum effect. sometimes they even take steroids.
but one thing they all do: they thrive for perfection. their work ethics are second to none.

body builders are a big inspiration for me. Arnold Schwarzenegger in particular. he was the first to take the sport into the focus of the general public, the one who made it the sports we now know. his work inspires great respect.
he might be a moron irl i have no idea and i couldn’t care less. what he means to me is that w the right drive, you can achieve goals and thrive.

anyone that knew me when i was a kid would prob not believe how far i have gone w this body physically. and how far i am intending to go still. i have big plans for the future.
because this is a daily commitment. it’s not just a “i wanna lose 2kg and that’s it am done” effort. no. it’s about perfection. it’s about bettering yourself. it’s about rising above mediocrity. your own mediocrity.
it’s about ditching all these pitiful excuses and just fucking getting off your arse and going for it.
i will repeat this til am dead, money will not buy you fitness, money will not buy you drive, money will not buy you motivation.
source it deep inside you. how much do you want it? make a difference. now. not in 10 mins. not after that tv program. NOW. go out. workout. play. run.