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NY pure gym resolution!

pay less get more! i basically decided to cancel my fitness first membership and get one with pure gym instead. since i got made redundant i do not fancy having to cycle 20mins to farringdon for the sake of going to my old crappy overcrowded fitness first gym. let’s see if they will let me cancel my membership early with a redundancy letter!

so well, i registered to pure gym online, found a promo code and waived the registration fee so am only paying the £19.99 pcm basically. after 12 months apparently the monthly fee goes up to £25.99 but well, by then i might cancel (only one month notice) and re apply for membership to keep the costs low. also this branch is in holloway road but they have been promising a branch would open in finsbury park for almost 2 years now.

anyhow registration process was dead simple, it’s literally all online. you get sent a pin code and that’s about it. for £6 extra you can also use any other pure gym you like. the upgrade can be done online!

this is truly the way every gym should be nowadays. noone cares about fancy towels or tvs or wifi or the like. everyone wants the freedom to cancel their contract whenever without being tied for a year or more. ppl want cheap gyms which are open late and early. if they want assistance they know where to find ppl and do not need to be nagged.

i will see how i get on with this gym but quite frankly, i think dinosaurs like fitness first will slowly become extinct or have to adjust to new demands. ppl are sick of these bullshit lengthy contracts designed to extract money from them.

the gym is spread over 3 floors, here are a few pics.

the free weight area was by far the busiest (sunday at 2.30pm) but  near it was this area with a lot of resistance machines (the “resistance” room) entirely empty:



a nice array of (light) kettlebells:



a trx frame. what surprises me is that they have trx classes, doesnt seem like that many ppl actually join it, not that many pairs of straps there:IMG_20131229_141043



top floor consists of a large studio:



all in all, the kit seems pretty new, the gym is clean and really did not feel crowded, but who knows this might just be a xmas time thing where everyone is too busy stuffing their faces still!

the classes aren’t too groundbreaking, not much in terms of combat classes sadly (box fit :() but they do the usual zumba, aerobics, spin, circuit, tabata, trx and some KB level 2 (though no level 1 on the schedule?))

i will go for upper body day tomorrow and check it out!