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Gym routine

I’ve recently started going to the gym every lunch break. It makes working full time a lot more bearable. So I got Zaki to put together a short gym routine for me. My goal was (and still is) to work on my upper body strength as that is what I need most for my straps training. Zaki gave me five exercises working mostly my delts, lats and pecs. At this stage I’m only using the machines for the following exercises:
Shoulder press
Lateral raises
Chest press
Pull down (wide grip)
Seated row

To that I’ve added the arm extension, which works the triceps. Just for fun. As I’m working for strength I’m only doing 5 reps for 3 sets but I’m trying to go really heavy. My starting weights were:

Shoulder press 35
Lateral raises 17.5
Chest press 40
Pull down 50
Seated row 55
Arm extension 25

After a month on this routine, doing it most days apart from Christmas and New Years and not on weekends, I’ve made quite decent progress. Generally, it’s not recommended to train the same exercises every day but I ignored that. I did some other training namely handstands and straps training as well, sometimes on the same days and sometimes at the weekends. Today is the end of the first month and my weights were as follows:

Shoulder press 45
Lateral raises 27.5
Chest press 40
Pull down 80
Seated row 85
Arm extension 50

I find it most useful to look at the percentage increase from the starting weights to determine my progress. These are as follows:

Shoulder press 28%
Lateral raises 57%
Chest press 25%
Pull down 60%
Seated row 54%
Arm extension 100%

I’m really happy with most of those but the shoulder press and the chest press is lagging behind. The exercise might need tweaking a little to improve those areas.

neglected rear delts

after reading a little about this on the web, i decided that my rear delts had been neglected in favour of the more prominent and visible front delts.
for those unsure of the anatomy here’s a little help:

all too often, athletes will favour the front and middle delts but miss out on the rear delt. which is hidden behind the shoulder joint.
the front delt is involved in a lot of exercises involving abduction. it’s a synergist to the pecs and even to the triceps when performing dips. it’s also extremely easy to target when doing front raises.
the rear delt however is harder to target, also because everyone is so obsessed w isolating lats. rear delts will rarely engage if lats are involved.
for ppl who know about skinning the cat, rear delts are the primary hyperextensors for the shoulder.

so i found a couple of exercises to make sure rear delts are targeted during workouts:

– barbell rear delt raise. a very interesting exercise, tho i find you need a lot of weight to feel anything and the rom is deceptively short. it seems impossible also to avoid elbows flaring out while doing it.
yet it works, here’s a picture:

-seated dumbbell lateral raise. very hard but oh so satisfying. this move is king for rear delts. it can also be performed standing while leaning the upper body forward, or even lying on a bench. however i prefer this version, mostly because a magazine once described it as “the move which will make you more 3D than avatar”.

-for those who have access to a pec deck machine and can do reverse flies, this is also a very good exercise. however be very careful to keep elbows up to avoid involving the lats! if this is a problem, the trick is to use a thumbs down grip, that will force the elbows to be at the same height as the shoulders.

and what about the lateral (middle) delts then? we shall see in the next blog post…