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bounce protein balls

a new interesting product has appeared on the market. Arnold tipped me about the bounce protein balls. they’re rather hard to come by in shops (waitrose ftw) but if you do find them, have a go.

so far i have only tried the peanut ones:

so yes a rather amazing 14g of protein for something that big:

the consistency is that of a very chewy chocolate free snickers bar. and the taste too, albeit a little more salty. the contents:

a 49g ball contains:
protein 14g
carbs 19g
fat 8g
sodium 0.17g
(oh and 2g of fibre)

compare it w a snickers bar:

for 100g:
protein 9.4g
carbs 54.3g
fat 28.2g
sodium 0.18g
fibre 1.3g

so compare it to 100g of protein ball:
protein 29g
carbs 39g
fat 16g
sodium 0.35g
fibre 4g

the numbers speak for themselves. the only slightly problematic thing is the sodium.
fancy a snack? have a protein ball and leave the snickers bar well alone. but now since i had to buy a snickers bar to do that comparison, i have to eat it. shame 🙂