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dragon flag

after attemping proper flags tonight and pulling a lat a little too much i looked for something easier to do. and remembered another type of flag, the dragon flag!
it is a completely different move obv!

after trying many different ways of doing it and bruising my right clavicule on the pole, i decided to use a sling and a couple of pillows to pad my head. it isn’t as hard as one might think for core, but it’s a lot more arm intensive than i anticipated.
proper form is what i was after here. and am not too far off.
i get annoyed at all these kids doing dragon flags on youtube, and as much as i respect the dude, Frank Medrano’s video isnt that great in term of form. he goes all banana shape and just doesn’t point his toes!

so kids, when doing a dragon flag, it’s important to dish. keep the core braced at all times and your body must remain as straight as possible. otherwise it’s a banana flag. not a dragon flag!
check out Al Kavadlo who has some cool vids of himself doing it on sturdy benches. (and lo and behold he actually points his toes!)