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friday 13th update. more circus buffness!

it’s been a while since my last update and i have been a busy bee w my qualifications (complete!) and getting to an even higher level of buffness before the shoulder surgery (more about this in the next post).
we organised another photoshoot recently and i think the results are fairly good and show an increase in lean mass and strength. i am very proud of my walking planche!

as usual pics are copyrighted (thanks to the super skilled photographer Phil Spencer at do not use without permission and for the love of buffness do not remove the watermark!


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dish hold

one of my fave exercises is the dish hold.
it uses no fancy equipment and is dead effective. provided you can keep good form, namely “dish” properly. it requires good core stability.
the key thing is that your lower back absolutely must be in constant contact w the floor, or you will compromise form and increase the potential for injuries.
i do rounds of 60 seconds moving my legs up and down, and if i feel very energetic i spell the alphabet w my feet. if you have a partner make him/her push your feet back down as you reach the top of the leg up motion to give a variation to the load on yr abs.
to make it a bit easier, you can cross arms on yr chest or hold them above your stomach, and you dont have to move your legs, you can just hold them there.
be sure to be able to hold proper form before you start increasing difficulty. the more of your back is in contact w the floor, the better it impacts the abs.
have fun!



dragon flag

after attemping proper flags tonight and pulling a lat a little too much i looked for something easier to do. and remembered another type of flag, the dragon flag!
it is a completely different move obv!

after trying many different ways of doing it and bruising my right clavicule on the pole, i decided to use a sling and a couple of pillows to pad my head. it isn’t as hard as one might think for core, but it’s a lot more arm intensive than i anticipated.
proper form is what i was after here. and am not too far off.
i get annoyed at all these kids doing dragon flags on youtube, and as much as i respect the dude, Frank Medrano’s video isnt that great in term of form. he goes all banana shape and just doesn’t point his toes!

so kids, when doing a dragon flag, it’s important to dish. keep the core braced at all times and your body must remain as straight as possible. otherwise it’s a banana flag. not a dragon flag!
check out Al Kavadlo who has some cool vids of himself doing it on sturdy benches. (and lo and behold he actually points his toes!)

buffness evolution

after a year of buffness training i think my body is taking shape nicely. so while am recovering from my current triceps injury i thought i would show off 😀

thanks to Phil Spencer for taking these amazing shots. ALL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED TO PHIL SPENCER. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

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