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green juice! well actually it’s more blue/purple really

so here it is! the new improved green juice!



so a bit of kale, frozen blueberries and ginger. i wanted to add a carrot but they were mouldy. welcome to england where things mould on the way back from the shop.

i added the juice of half a lemon, some almond milk and a little bit of pouring vanilla yoghurt.

too much lemon imho and not enough kale, and a bit tangy but it worked and looked like this:



not very green is it? can’t taste the kale but admittedly i didnt quite put enough of it. i think i will try again tomorrow with more kale, less lemon and more yoghurt. and a carrot.

remember. kale is good for you.

oomf! muesli and porridge…

as i was looking for chia seeds in an extremely expensive wholefood store in high st ken, i stumbled upon these products:

so heck i thought, i will pay a shitload of money to eat up some oats w a couple of mixed seeds and some whey powder added. obv i could make my own version for a fraction of the price but nevermind… let’s see:



muesli first:

contains jumbo oats, soya flakes (impossible to find anywhere in the UK somehow?), sunflower seeds, seedless raisins, chopped dates, organic (aha) corn flakes, blanched peanuts, organic sesame seeds, organic linseeds and shelled hemp seeds (various proportions, check pic below for details).

426 kcal

20g protein, 49.44g carbs (ouch not oomf), 17.90g fat, 9g of fibre and 0.012g of sodium.

so all in all, it tastes lovely, really nice. good amount of protein in it, but way too much carbs to my liking esp when mixed w a flavoured yoghurt. very healthy really. packet wont last you very long however, it’s only 500g.

porridge next:

ok so on a gloomy monday morning, you must remember when making breakfast number 2 to take to work that this is  porridge and thus requires microwaving or heating up. do not mix it w yoghurt as if it was muesli. it really doesn’t work well.

now this porridge has added whey powder in it, oats, chopped dates (again) and organic cocoa powder.

370 kcal

21.52g protein, 57.81g carbs (oh mama), 6.27g fat, 9.41g fibre and 0.022g sodium.

so once i have tried this properly, and with almond milk (they only recommend water or milk, i dread to think what happens w almond!)




what does it all mean for my body and how has it affected me? well pretty much not at all i dont think. it’s just nice to be able to have cereal again in a “healthy” (healthier?) manner.






NY pure gym resolution!

pay less get more! i basically decided to cancel my fitness first membership and get one with pure gym instead. since i got made redundant i do not fancy having to cycle 20mins to farringdon for the sake of going to my old crappy overcrowded fitness first gym. let’s see if they will let me cancel my membership early with a redundancy letter!

so well, i registered to pure gym online, found a promo code and waived the registration fee so am only paying the £19.99 pcm basically. after 12 months apparently the monthly fee goes up to £25.99 but well, by then i might cancel (only one month notice) and re apply for membership to keep the costs low. also this branch is in holloway road but they have been promising a branch would open in finsbury park for almost 2 years now.

anyhow registration process was dead simple, it’s literally all online. you get sent a pin code and that’s about it. for £6 extra you can also use any other pure gym you like. the upgrade can be done online!

this is truly the way every gym should be nowadays. noone cares about fancy towels or tvs or wifi or the like. everyone wants the freedom to cancel their contract whenever without being tied for a year or more. ppl want cheap gyms which are open late and early. if they want assistance they know where to find ppl and do not need to be nagged.

i will see how i get on with this gym but quite frankly, i think dinosaurs like fitness first will slowly become extinct or have to adjust to new demands. ppl are sick of these bullshit lengthy contracts designed to extract money from them.

the gym is spread over 3 floors, here are a few pics.

the free weight area was by far the busiest (sunday at 2.30pm) but  near it was this area with a lot of resistance machines (the “resistance” room) entirely empty:



a nice array of (light) kettlebells:



a trx frame. what surprises me is that they have trx classes, doesnt seem like that many ppl actually join it, not that many pairs of straps there:IMG_20131229_141043



top floor consists of a large studio:



all in all, the kit seems pretty new, the gym is clean and really did not feel crowded, but who knows this might just be a xmas time thing where everyone is too busy stuffing their faces still!

the classes aren’t too groundbreaking, not much in terms of combat classes sadly (box fit :() but they do the usual zumba, aerobics, spin, circuit, tabata, trx and some KB level 2 (though no level 1 on the schedule?))

i will go for upper body day tomorrow and check it out!


friday 13th update. more circus buffness!

it’s been a while since my last update and i have been a busy bee w my qualifications (complete!) and getting to an even higher level of buffness before the shoulder surgery (more about this in the next post).
we organised another photoshoot recently and i think the results are fairly good and show an increase in lean mass and strength. i am very proud of my walking planche!

as usual pics are copyrighted (thanks to the super skilled photographer Phil Spencer at do not use without permission and for the love of buffness do not remove the watermark!


5D3_2212 5D3_2214 5D3_2241 5D3_2412

Generation Iron

new film coming out!

i am very curious to see this film.
i don’t dig body builder’s bodies. i find it’s too much personally. so no, i do not wanna look like them thanks!

but one thing i will give this guys, it’s the amazing dedication and hard work that goes into achieving their goals.
day in, day out, these guys go to the gym. they spend their lives working out, regulating their diets, cleverly arranging their workouts for maximum effect. sometimes they even take steroids.
but one thing they all do: they thrive for perfection. their work ethics are second to none.

body builders are a big inspiration for me. Arnold Schwarzenegger in particular. he was the first to take the sport into the focus of the general public, the one who made it the sports we now know. his work inspires great respect.
he might be a moron irl i have no idea and i couldn’t care less. what he means to me is that w the right drive, you can achieve goals and thrive.

anyone that knew me when i was a kid would prob not believe how far i have gone w this body physically. and how far i am intending to go still. i have big plans for the future.
because this is a daily commitment. it’s not just a “i wanna lose 2kg and that’s it am done” effort. no. it’s about perfection. it’s about bettering yourself. it’s about rising above mediocrity. your own mediocrity.
it’s about ditching all these pitiful excuses and just fucking getting off your arse and going for it.
i will repeat this til am dead, money will not buy you fitness, money will not buy you drive, money will not buy you motivation.
source it deep inside you. how much do you want it? make a difference. now. not in 10 mins. not after that tv program. NOW. go out. workout. play. run.

Flag at last

so after about 2 years coveting that one move i can finally manage. sure it’s not perfect and i don’t always get it right.
but it just goes to show that sometimes w persistence and a some inspired moments, you can reach that elusive perfect instant.


so how did i do that?

i tried various techniques. w varying success.

initially i was trying to swing higher up and tilt my pelvis up as i went. this was recommended by an ex of mine who did chinese pole. to my knowledge she can’t do a normal flag but perhaps a straddled one? turns out this wasn’t that good a plan. first of all, proper form for a flag is w your body straight, none of that pelvis turned upwards shit that we all too often see. second, it’s very hard to hold back from falling down when you have to compensate for the swing.

next i tried the “Dominic Lacasse” approach which consists in placing your upper body and arms in correct position, closer to the floor, w one leg in flag position but perhaps bent to lighten things up and the other leg completely bent under, and you try to lift up. very boring approach if i may say so. and also far from successful i think. my main prob w this approach is that it requires a lot of upper body strength to even feel like you’re able to lift by 1mm, and involves a certain body type (light microscopic legs and huge upper). also, i suspect our friend Dominic was always able to do flags. if he reads this, i am happy for him to correct me, but i reckon am right (tho perhaps not to world record standards w the nice walking into it bit). it’s like me trying to help ppl w chin ups. i don’t know their struggles because i was able to do them out of the box 🙂 but i sympathize!
anyhow, all this to say, that didn’t help me at all. Arnoldcat sacrificed herself and went to a workshop and was able to show me the way to the flag according to Lacasse, am v grateful i didn’t have to pay for this 🙂

so what did it? well i just did as i thought was best. light kip up, and try to hold. and lo and behold, just like planches, i started to hold the half tuck version w lower leg bent, and eventually, one glorious day, i was able to straighten my lower leg out and stay there!
not for long. but it’s a start 😀
on the side i went to the gym religiously everyday and bumped my food intake. i focused on the obliques which were lagging. i also focused on lats as best as i could despite what felt like an injury to my cuff, brought on by overuse i suspect.

so how am i after holidays? i just took 2 weeks off when i was supposed to train but only managed to do so a handful of times on rings. well the flag is still there. i have dropped the weight i use for chin ups from 16kg to 14kg and find i have less stamina. but give me one or 2 weeks and we shall see. also keeping in mind i haven’t done chin ups for over a month due to previously mentioned rotator cuff prob.

and tomorrow my right shoulder is getting an mri, w arthrogram. happy days!

and back to the flag, hard work ppl. practice practice practice. be intelligent about it. adapt things to your own need. and never give up.

dish hold

one of my fave exercises is the dish hold.
it uses no fancy equipment and is dead effective. provided you can keep good form, namely “dish” properly. it requires good core stability.
the key thing is that your lower back absolutely must be in constant contact w the floor, or you will compromise form and increase the potential for injuries.
i do rounds of 60 seconds moving my legs up and down, and if i feel very energetic i spell the alphabet w my feet. if you have a partner make him/her push your feet back down as you reach the top of the leg up motion to give a variation to the load on yr abs.
to make it a bit easier, you can cross arms on yr chest or hold them above your stomach, and you dont have to move your legs, you can just hold them there.
be sure to be able to hold proper form before you start increasing difficulty. the more of your back is in contact w the floor, the better it impacts the abs.
have fun!



dragon flag

after attemping proper flags tonight and pulling a lat a little too much i looked for something easier to do. and remembered another type of flag, the dragon flag!
it is a completely different move obv!

after trying many different ways of doing it and bruising my right clavicule on the pole, i decided to use a sling and a couple of pillows to pad my head. it isn’t as hard as one might think for core, but it’s a lot more arm intensive than i anticipated.
proper form is what i was after here. and am not too far off.
i get annoyed at all these kids doing dragon flags on youtube, and as much as i respect the dude, Frank Medrano’s video isnt that great in term of form. he goes all banana shape and just doesn’t point his toes!

so kids, when doing a dragon flag, it’s important to dish. keep the core braced at all times and your body must remain as straight as possible. otherwise it’s a banana flag. not a dragon flag!
check out Al Kavadlo who has some cool vids of himself doing it on sturdy benches. (and lo and behold he actually points his toes!)

increase numbers of pulls

while waiting for my right shoulder to be less tender so i can resume buffness training, i came across a “BarStarzz” article about increasing the number of pull ups one can do.
i must say, i am now interested in trying this regime. not so much because i am desperate to increase my number of pull ups. i do an average of 4 x 10 every workout i have. but more because i would like to see what happens.

so basically this is how they structured it, it’s based on the armstrong program, used by the marines (find out more here

    1. day 1: max reps sets

– as you wake, 3 sets max rep push ups w 5-10 mins rest in between.
– 3-4 hours later rest you can then do pulls. 5 max rep sets w 90 secs rest, STRICT FORM ONLY.

    2. day 2: pyramid sets

– as you wake, 3 sets max rep push ups w 5-10 mins rest in between.
– 1st set 1 rep, rest 10 secs
– add one rep every time til you hit the max you can do. pause 10 secs and redo the max reps set again.

    3. day 3: training sets

– as you wake, 3 sets max rep push ups w 5-10 mins rest in between.
pick a number of reps that will allow you to do 9 sets, no more no less. adjust according to your findings.

consists of 3 sets of shoulder width pulls, 3 x narrow chins and 3 x wide grip. 60 secs rest between sets.

    4. day 4: training sets and beyond

– as you wake, 3 sets max rep push ups w 5-10 mins rest in between.
try to go over the 9 sets according to what you did on day 3. you then know you need to readjust for the following week.

    5. day 5: repeat the day you found hardest

– as you wake, 3 sets max rep push ups w 5-10 mins rest in between.
– repeat whichever day

check out the barstarzz video:

so who knows, perhaps when my shoulder is back on track i will do this for 6 weeks and report back! 🙂

buffness evolution

after a year of buffness training i think my body is taking shape nicely. so while am recovering from my current triceps injury i thought i would show off 😀

thanks to Phil Spencer for taking these amazing shots. ALL PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED TO PHIL SPENCER. DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

visit his website