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The end of IBS? Welcome to a carb-free (almost) world. Boy do I miss bread!

So I got fed up with doctors telling me about the FODMAP died. And went nuclear. And lo and behold, it worked (at least for now).

My IBS had become a daily companion. The kind of uninvited guest that ended up moving in, insidiously. Doctors would give me simetikon, dimetikon. Tell me to eat probiotics. Avoid pulses. Yeah yeah. Every IBS sufferer has heard this one before.

A colleague found an article in the paper in which a professor (or thereabouts, some very intelligent person in any case) discussed the link between sugar and IBS, and how his patients basically kicked their systems back into shape within a few days of not eating more sugar and starches. Essentially calling for a LCHF diet type.

Interesting? I mean yes, it’s rather well documented that gut bacteria thrive on sugary diets, and that sugar is generally not that great for you (not to mention extremely addictive). I never saw myself as someone who ate much sugar (by this I mean fast digesting sugars, like actual refined SUGAR, not complex carbs yeah?). But yeah am a bread monster, I fucking love bread. And increasingly out of laziness, and because it’s so convenient, my lunches had become a sandwich with some interesting filling and salad, on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, in recent times at least I was only eating “wholemeal” type bread, particularly the “protein” types bread you find here, the Pågen “Energi” bread was the favourite. And ofc I’d have the occasional burger meal, and rarely a soda.

When it comes to bread, the one I would eat is one of the least sweetened you can get in this country:

Per 100g: 239 kcal, 4.2g fat, 35g of carbs (3.1g net sugar), 6.3g fiber, 12g protein and 1g of salt. (Note the discrepancy between the total carbs, fiber and net)

So where am I getting at you ask? Well I guess I thought I was eating healthy. I really did. I thought it was just stress messing my system. Because after trying a gluten free diet, a lactose free diet, a less meat diet, any food exclusion you can think of, I was getting nowhere. Nothing seemed to help, no matter what I tried to exclude.

Bear with me. So back to the article written by the professor about the link between IBS and sugar. A friend suggested that instead of going for LCHF, I went nuclear and tried a keto diet. If you don’t know what that is, google it. For the sake of this blog post, let’s just say it’s LCHF on steroids, with even less carbs, some say less than 50g a day (LCHF tolerates up to 150g) and some extremists even go to huge lengths to not have more than 20g a day (and some try for less than 10 or as close to 0 as possible basically).

So I looked it up and decided to take this on. Cold turkey with carbs. Let’s get cracking.

This was 5 weeks and one day ago. And I have been IBS symptoms free since day 2 in the diet. Coincidence? Yeah it could be of course I cannot prove it. But I think it is unlikely coincidental.

I am not a fad diet person. I do not believe IBS is a thing even. But I cannot deny that my symptoms are GONE.

The diet is strict. You feel like shit when you begin for about a week and get crazy sugar cravings (I still dream about bread). But once you’re over the hump, it becomes easier as time passes and you get the hang of what you can or cannot eat. I lost 4kg or so since I started (water mostly). It is problematic to get takeaway, I cannot deny that. And very fucking expensive if you want to eat reasonably ethical products. Because the diet is based on fat and protein w a sprinkle of carbs, you end up focusing on a lot of meat and dairy (I have never gone through so much greek yoghurt in my life. You also end up spending a shit ton of time making food from scratch. But is it worth it? Fuck yeah. Am hooked. And will keep going for as long as I possibly can (afford it).

No more “Energi” bread for me, and my bowels have never been better for it. So what is it exactly that is causing this IBS problem? Well if I knew, I would tell you!

No idea yet what is causing it. Yet. It could well be a combination of things, so it will be hard to come to a conclusion without a strict testing plan. And am not sure I want to get out of ketosis to find out what makes my gut miserable. Yet.

But one thing is for sure, since I have eaten no refined sugars, no fruits, no grains, no starches, the fucking IBS thing is GONE. All hail ketosis! All hail the keto diet!

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