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new year delays

happy new year to you all.
well lucky i didn’t have any resolutions to start exercise, i have now been sick for 2 weeks.
nasty nasty dry cough that wont go away, and i had fever all of last week. only thing that vaguely worked was to take morphine based cough medicine to cancel the coughing reflex. lovely. now am left w a lingering cough, and what feels like a torn intercostal muscle on the right of my ribcage probably due to coughing.
how. fucking. annoying.
so no workouts for me for almost 2 weeks. i did some tuck planche holds a couple of days ago, and holding for 15 seconds felt like the end of the world already when you’re holding back from coughing.
am not sure what to do w that intercostal situation. my thorax is sore generally from all the coughing and i have lost about 3kg due to inactivity and water loss. but am not sure working out right now is a very good idea.
and that is assuming it is an intercostal muscle issue. and not pleurisy. time will tell.
meanwhile, i am dreaming of when i can get back to training… i hate being off sick.
speak soon with some new training ideas for 2016 to share with you all!

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