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what a lovely surprise this morning to wake up to a delivery from

as soon as i get back from my holidays in Japan the training / nutrition will start properly. the parcel consists of:

for a while i tried out the LOMAD diet, as mentioned in Tim Ferriss’ 4 hour body book:

this seemed to do the trick. particularly when starting the day with a “special shake”:
– 500ml semi skimmed milk (i use cravendale to avoid stomach upsets)
– 1 banana
– 3 teaspoons almond butter (more than that and you die i think)
– 40g hard gainer MP powder
– 3.5g creapure

stick all in blender and press play.
throughout the rest of the day i would add another 500ml of milk (minimum) in between meals.

i find persistence and consistency were the key elements in a steady weight increase. i.e. if you’re gonna do this, do it properly and do not miss a meal. especially not breakfast, which i would try to have at about 11am (the 9am shake would stop me from being hungry til about then). lunch at 2pm, a snack at 4.30pm and dinner at about 7pm (almost certainly followed by yet another snack before bedtime, or more milk).

i find the hard gainer protein powder to be an interesting mix of qualities:

Per 80g:
Energy: 304kcal
Energy: 1272kj
Protein: 23.5g
Carbohydrates: 49g
Fat: 1.2g

this mixed together w milk and almond butter becomes quite a good combo from the protein and energy perspective. (even tho i only use 40g in my shake, my current body weight is short of 60kg, i do not need THAT MUCH protein in a day)

my body seems to respond well to creatine, particularly in the sense of strength and stamina increases. though i seem to get a great pump from it too 😀

atm am working a little without it, but there is no point starting a loading phase when i am about to go to Japan for 10 days monday. i find it harder to work without my shakes and creatine.

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