For those who care about buffness

dish hold

one of my fave exercises is the dish hold.
it uses no fancy equipment and is dead effective. provided you can keep good form, namely “dish” properly. it requires good core stability.
the key thing is that your lower back absolutely must be in constant contact w the floor, or you will compromise form and increase the potential for injuries.
i do rounds of 60 seconds moving my legs up and down, and if i feel very energetic i spell the alphabet w my feet. if you have a partner make him/her push your feet back down as you reach the top of the leg up motion to give a variation to the load on yr abs.
to make it a bit easier, you can cross arms on yr chest or hold them above your stomach, and you dont have to move your legs, you can just hold them there.
be sure to be able to hold proper form before you start increasing difficulty. the more of your back is in contact w the floor, the better it impacts the abs.
have fun!



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