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got milk? pt 2

another couple of milk alternatives: oat and goat.

i redid the table from the previous post to integrate these values in. please note we are talking about UHT semi skimmed goat and plain oatly:

so to make things a bit clearer, i highlighted values that i would watch out for on a slimming diet (if i ever go on one). red means BAD. so for rice and oat, really high sugar quantities, and for almond and rice appalling protein quantities.

green shows good qualities, like soya and cow with their high protein content, and soya’s super low sugar content.

for the values above, goat is almost as good as cow but not quite. then it’s a matter of taste if you’re into animal milks. i personally don’t like goat much as it gives my hot chocolate a blue cheese twang.

all these milks have reasonable fat content, which i guess contributes to some confusion for ppl who think they’re doing great drinking rice milk as it has the lowest fat content of them all. but what kills rice milk is the insane amount of sugar that’s crammed in it. i personally think rice milk is idiotic from both a dieter and a body builder’s perspective.

oh and i have nothing good to say about oatly. it’s sugary water as far as i am concerned. w a bit of fat added.

from my current diet’s perspective (bigger and buffer), cow still wins over soya because of its higher sugar level. also because of the estrogen debate. which i shall investigate soon.

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