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The other day I went to yoga class, after not having gone for a good few month. Probably not the class you would do if you are after a serious workout, it’s more of a relaxing session. Still, a fair few push ups, leg lifts and balancing postures can be taken away as good exercises to do at home even if you aren’t into yoga. One pose in particular stuck with me, as it addresses one of my problem areas. It works the muscles that hold the shoulder blades flat. It’s called cobra pose:


You start by lying on your front with your hands directly under your shoulder. Look up and start lifting your chest off the floor while keeping your shoulders down. For this pose you want to use the muscles in your back not your arms. You should be able to lift your hands off the ground and still be able to hold the pose.

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  1. zaki

    thanks ArnoldCat.

    very good exercise for the rotator cuffs.
    one of the key things to do whilst attempting this pose is to tighten the glutes, as it protects the lower back. (apparently)
    this position also activates the erector spinae and the lats, as well as the triceps on the way up.

    another yoga based exercise to activate the cuffs, the mountain pose:

    stand w feet together and arms at yr sides, palms resting on outer thighs w arms straight. pull back on the shoulder and make yr palms face forward (teres minor and infraspinatus). this is the basic mountain pose.

    to modify for the subcapularis, bend your elbow to right angles, touch your elbows to your ribs and cross your arms onto your stomach.
    for the supraspinatus, put palms back onto outer thighs and raise yr arms straight to shoulder level with palms facing down.


    and now enough yoga talk from me (grrr), i will go hug a japanese tree.

    02/04/2012 at 2:51 am

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