For those who care about buffness

got milk?

let’s have a play and compare the different milks currently on display in my fridge:

i gathered the contents we’re interested in below:


in red what i found the key values to watch out for each product.

i drink cow juice most of the time, but when the going gets tough i will fall back onto the soya alternative. for a little while i was drinking oat milk as my stomach got a bit upset from the amount of cow i was drinking. then i realised how poor it was in protein.

for body builders, protein is king. however, for me protein and energy are king. protein alone will only take you so far if like me you have a fast metabolism. the trick is to get your daily dose of protein and more, and also your daily energy intake. without it, yes you have muscle building bricks, but your body fuel is running on empty. no mortar = no wall. no energy = no muscle growth.

so unless veganism is a concern here let’s take a closer look at the different alternatives:

– cow juice has the highest energy levels and protein content. this comes at a price, the sugar level is also fairly high.

– soya has a lot less energy (its sugar content is rather minimal) but a VERY decent amount of protein.

– almond and rice. hum. protein is extremely low, but sugars… oh boy.

now let’s spin things from the perspective of someone who wants to lose weight. almond and rice would be a big no no. cow is prob not a great solution either. why are almond and rice so bad you ask when their fat contents are so low? well amigo, look at the sugar. what happens if you don’t metabolise that sugar? it turns into… bingo…

so soya all the way for ppl who are less active and on a diet.

me, i will remain on cow for the foreseeable future.  at least until the day i become lactose intolerant.

2 Responses

  1. ArnoldCat

    It should be noted that the nutritional values for the soya milk are for unsweetened soya milk, the sweetened varieties will most likely be much higher in sugar. The nutritional values may also vary from brand to brand, so it’s always worth checking what you’ve got.

    24/03/2012 at 1:14 pm

    • zaki

      agreed. thanks for pointing that out.

      03/04/2012 at 2:31 am

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