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It’s been ages since my last post. I had to renew the domain today so it reminded me that I am paying for a site I am barely using. Not that I have such a unique message, it feels like we are drowning in a sea of more or less well meaning wannabe personal trainers all sponsored to their eyeballs by CBD producers and fancy skin care products (or heaven forbid man grooming products).

But I will try to start posting this side of new year, with my meagre progress over the last years and perhaps steer this blog in other directions than “how to do this move”, since nowadays youtube has an infinite number of how to videos it feels useless and unnecessary.

Vi hörs!

Army training

Yesterday I went to an army training class with a company called forces fit. It’s not an easy class, everybody gets grouped according to ability. They have three levels blue for beginners, green for intermediate and red for advanced. I was in the green as my friend, who I went with, volunteered me for the same group that she was in but she has been going for a while. They have regular fitness assessments which will give you an indication which group is the right one for you and to see any improvements you gained through your training. In short it’s pretty much cardio circuit training, great for improving cardio fitness and losing weight.
It starts off with warm up, in the class I did it was first running, then a game of tag with lots of pushups and sit-ups thrown in followed by warm up stretches, which was done by all levels together. then the levels split up into two groups beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. The intermediate people got to decide which group they wanted to join. Busier classes might split into three groups. As it was my first class and because my friend did the same, we stayed in the beginner/intermediate group. Both beginners and intermediates did the same exercises but the intermediates did more repetitions.
In this post I will focus on the beginner/intermediate workout as that’s the one I’ve done. The group was split into two groups to compete in a sprinting game. The group who lost, my group unfortunately, had to do push ups, situps and burpees. Then we did a circuit with three stations, the first round they were lunges on the left leg, push ups, lunges on the right leg. The second round was plank from elbows to plank on hands starting with the left, squat thrusts, plank from elbows to plank on hands starting with the right. The third round was side plank twisting to the front on the left side, plank with knee-elbow touches, side plank twisting to the front on the left side. Each round had to be repeated three times. After each round was completed three times we had to do one set of dips on a bench after the first, incline pull ups with an overhand grip after the second and incline pull ups with an underhand grip after the third. In between stations we had to run and to round it all off another st of dips.
Then we moved on to another part of the field, where we had to pair up. The next exercises had a set up of two stations. At the first station one partner would do one exercise until the other partner had run to the second station done a set of the exercise at that station and run back to the first station, then the partners switched, each round had to be completed twice before the exercises changed. The exercises were: pushups, burpees, situps, lunges, plank with knee-elbow touches, squat thrusts in no particular order.
In the end we did cool down stretches, which I had to modify for myself to get anything out of it.

My verdict: It was a tough class and halfway through I felt a bit sick from all the running but if you can stick with it it will definitely improve your fitness heaps and it’s great if you want to loose weight. The intensity of the class really gets your heart rate up and you only get short periods of rest, which makes it similar in effectiveness to HIIT I imagine.

This was me at the end of class: